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Green landscape, green values.

Hospitality with heart

Hillscourt's guests love our panoramic views of the luscious Lickey Hills - and so do we. We want to preserve our natural green landscapes for generations of future guests too enjoy too. That's why we are dedicated to keeping sustainability and caring for our environment at the heart of all we do at Hillscourt.

    How we are playing our part

    We're elimanting plastic where it's not necessary and replacing it with sustainable alternatives. We actively seek to reduce our waste wherever possible. Our dedicated team work hard all year round to keep our 25 acres of grounds flourishing with biodiversity. Being kinder to our environment, local and wider communities are the values that drives Hillscourt and our staff.

    "It is in a beautiful location and the staff are absolutely brilliant. You couldn’t wish to meet kinder people."

    Olly, United Kingdom

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