Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been developed to detail how the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre, in conjunction with the NASUWT, processes and handles personal data throughout its day-to-day activities.

Information we may collect and how we use it

When you book or visit Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre, we ask you to provide information that is relative to your booking. This includes, name, phone number, email address and postal address. We also collect payment details.

Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre uses this data for the following purposes:

Booking Administration – to make changes or updates to your booking and to generally manage your booking
Statistical Analysis and Report - at times we may need to provide reports or statistics relating to your booking
Information disclosed to third parties

The Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre uses external suppliers to fulfil both electronic and hard copy communications. The level of personal detail given to these third parties will depend upon what is being communicated, but is traditionally limited to a name and the respective contact details (i.e. email address or postal address).

In all such instances, our suppliers are bound by a contract, which specifically outlines how they are to process any personal data given, and they must abide by the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre’s direction.

To enable the day-to-day operations of the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre.

Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre may also use third-party service providers to host, process or store the systems and services which Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre staff use in their day-to-day activities to fulfil the aims and intent of the Union. All of these service providers are assessed to provide assurances that their security and protection of personal data is to the standard expected by the NASUWT.

Transfer of data internationally

The Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre operates predominantly within the UK.

Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre does not routinely operate or conduct business outside the EU, except where we may use IT services or hosting environments which are physically located outside the EU. Any transfers of data will be managed by the Union in accordance with our legal obligations and to ensure that your data is handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Retention of personal data

Our aim is to keep identifiable personal data (i.e. information which can be linked back to a specific individual) only for as long as is necessary to fulfil its intended purpose.

In general, we will usually retain personal data we may have collected from you for the length of any membership or ongoing engagement we may have with you - or, in the case where we may have provided a specific service, we will retain any details for the course of that service.

Privacy Policy updates

As this policy is designed to reflect the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre’s processing of personal data, it may be necessary at times to update or amend the information provided. Where the changes will have minimal or no impact on the services we provide, we will simply amend this policy and provide an indication of its amendment.

If, however, the changes to this policy are accompanied by modifications to our services, or the changes to this policy will have an impact on how individuals will interact with the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre, we will communicate these updates prior to their effective date.

Your rights

You have the rights outlined below with regard to our use of your personal data and we will endeavour to fulfil these where possible. However, there may be occasions where conflicting obligations mean we cannot meet your request; for example, where we are legally required to retain records of an event or transaction. In all instances, we will inform you of the outcome of any request.

Your rights as a data subject are:

The right to access (also known as a Subject Access Request) - you can ask to access any information held about you by the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre. We have a calendar month from the date of your request to release any relevant information.
Right to rectification (or updating of any inaccurate personal data) - where you believe we are using inaccurate or out-of-date information pertaining to you, you have the right to ask us to amend our records to correct these inaccuracies.
Right to erasure (or the right to be forgotten) - if you choose to do so, you can request the Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre to erase any personal data we have pertaining to you. However, our ability to fulfil such a request will be subject to our legal obligation to maintain records and necessary evidence of events as stipulated by law or a governing authority or where there is sufficient cause which is felt to outweigh an individual's right.
Right to object - you can object to us processing your personal data completely or for specific activities (such as certain methods of communicating with you). However, our ability to continue to offer effective services and support may be severely hindered depending on what activities you are objecting to.
Contact details and queries

Any questions, comments, requests or other concerns about any of the information listed within this policy, or any other aspect of data protection, should be addressed to:

Via Post:
Hillscourt Hotel & Conference Centre
Rose Hill
Birmingham B45 8RS

Via Email:

This Policy is periodically updated and was last reviewed in January 2022