How to Choose The Perfect Venue

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How to choose the best venue for your party, celebration, conference or wedding

To tips for choosing a venue

Does it matter where you hold a wedding, a conference or a business meeting? It’s the outcome that matters doesn’t it? You might think that but how does our environment affect our behaviour?

Think back to meetings that have taken place in a stuffy room with no ventilation

There is nothing to look at on the walls, everyone is crammed together and after 20 minutes you are almost asleep. Are the outcomes going to be as dynamic as they might be? It’s unlikely. 

Now imagine a brightly lit, well-ventilated and pleasant meeting area

There are windows onto leafy grounds, attentive staff, delicious refreshments and all the equipment and gizmos that make presentations eye-catching. Immediately delegates feel welcome, they feel comfortable and business-like and are ready for action. We present the perfect venue.

Consider a summer wedding

Picture guests spilling out onto the lawns, where the bride and groom have the opportunity to enjoy their occasion with plenty of room and places to sit as they mingle with guests against a stunning backdrop. Sounds good doesn’t it? 

Behavioural psychology is big business

Experts have made careers out of showing how a built environment can affect the way people move, function and work within it. An inviting space encourages people to linger. Break out areas mean people can continue conversations and make good business or strengthen connections. Workplace quality can have a severe impact on employees and should not be underestimated.

Our surroundings often influence behaviour

They can even influence our motivation to act. If your workspace is a mess you don’t think twice about adding to it – one more pile of junk won’t make a difference. Yet if a desk is clear you are mentally encouraged to leave it that way. This type of thinking affects our reactions everywhere we go.

Clean, bright and attractive areas therefore affect mood

Natural light is just as important as sensitively designed artificial light. In the right bedroom we sleep well, in the appropriate working space we feel less stressed.

We are proud to provide a really attractive backdrop to some life changing events

So if you are planning a wedding, civil ceremony, conference, party or any kind of celebration you really want to make the very best decision about where you are going to hold it. At Hillscourt we are acutely aware of how various outcomes rely on us providing a beautiful environment. We believe making smart decisions that fulfil as many briefs as possible is what people want. Being well placed near Birmingham we are proud to provide a really attractive backdrop to some life changing events.

Close to Birmingham but with a beating country heart

Although we are close to the city you would imagine you are in the middle of the country as Hillscourt is set in 25 acres of grounds. Not only that but having been constructed way back in 1897 it still boasts some attractive original features. We have an air conditioned conference hall  which seats up to 150 delegates, seminar rooms and two committee rooms which enjoy the Victorian ambience.

We do our level best to eliminate stress

Whatever your occasion might be, even offering free parking in a tranquil setting can make your event start well, whether you have planned a small dining party, large summer wedding or conference.