Spring Weddings in Birmingham

Spring weddings are so special

The Spring Weddings race is on to book the church or venue. Sometimes it can feel so panicked that the couple don’t stop and think clearly about the possibilities in their local area. With some careful search you might be surprised to know that a beautiful wedding venue is just around the corner.

Planning a spring wedding is absolutely essential

If you are planning a wedding this spring the time will pass rapidly and it’s time to make some decisions before everyone beats you to it. To help the process along we have chosen some ideas to assist in making your dream wedding come true.

Tea dresses and salmon pink bouquets

In terms of dress a tea-length dress is a very cute choice for this time of the year. If you are daring and want to bare your shoulders a nipped in waist and a gorgeous posy bouquet in salmon pink and white can really complement the season.

The Bride and groom could reflect the season

Don’t leave the groom out as Spring, if we are lucky with the weather is a great time to throw off dark colours and maybe go for a seersucker suit and even top that off with a bow tie in pastel colours. Bride and groom will then look optimistic, light, fresh and gives the impression of creating a brand new start in the Spring season. It is a very optimistic look for a wedding and is bound to draw favourable comments from guests.

Complement the blossom and foliage in the grounds

If you ask your venue what blossoms are likely to be in the grounds you might even try to colour coordinate flowers, bow ties and bridesmaids, try a powder blue for example to contrast or echo the beauty of cherry, almond or apple blossom. The pictures will look stunning.

Spring is such an inspirational time of year for weddings 

This season can help you when choosing boutonnieres for grooms and his men and dresses for the bridesmaids.  Your formal pictures can almost be planned in advance. Many wedding venues are geared up to show prospective brides and grooms just where the best places are in the grounds for fabulous shots and what kinds of flowers and foliage they can expect depending on the month of their choice.

May Day and May Queens in miniature

Flower girls can look positively cherubic and adorable with floral wreath headdresses and will bring freshness and a feeling of Spring to any wedding.

Spring itself heralds the return of longer days, blue skies and regrowth so what better time to get married? Therefore the choice of flowers for the ceremony and reception can really accentuate these feelings of anticipation. Queen Anne Lace, Peonies and Lily of the Valley are wonderfully fragrant as well as being delicate blooms and lend a rustic feel to the proceedings.

 Last minute wedding!

If these ideas have made you wish to make a last minute decision about a springtime wedding in 2014 you may possibly experience some difficulty finding a venue. Usually these dates are booked up well in advance. However, do contact us, as you never know, like the trees and blooms in our gardens, Hillscourt changes day by day.

Image courtesy of Abby Jiu Photography