Same Sex Marriage Venue Birmingham

Same Sex Marriage in Birmingham

Hillscourt, a beautiful same sex marriage venue

The 29th March 2014 was a momentous day in the UK. Why? It was the first time same sex weddings became legal. For many it was a great opportunity to renew vows made when civil partnerships were the only option. For others it was like a dream come true.


The Prime Minister, David Cameron stated that people were now considered equal. Hillscourt is proud to be part of this accepted agenda and we are looking forward to hosting more same sex weddings. In fact we have been very excited to be considered a first port of call for couples planning a same sex marriage.


In fact some couples who decided to be some of the first to take advantage of the change in the law were swamped by photographers, journalists and well-wishers. But when all the media hype died down it’s all about the happy couple. We work hard to make every couple feel special.


Marriage is an important life event and at Hillscourt we have had years of experience planning and managing such important and romantic occasions. Now that same sex weddings are recognized it affords every couple equality and we look forward to employing our skills in making your day extraordinary.


Back in March the BBC presenter Sandi Toksvig and her partner, Debbie renewed the vows made at a civil partnership and Hillscourt expects many couples to follow suit. A special procedure will be available by the end of 2014 for anyone wishing to become married in the conventional sense. Hillscourt is definitely the location for such an event. In fact 10th December is the big day in the UK. For more information click here


So if you are thinking of taking advantage of the change in the law then why not consider Hillscourt for your wedding and reception. We are the perfect location based close to Birmingham but also offering a taste of the countryside. Our facilities are superb, we have vast experience of arranging marriage ceremonies and receptions. In addition our external areas are perfect for romantic photographs and many beautiful shot has been taken in our extensive and mature grounds.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of a civil partnership conversion ceremony or you have made the decision to get married then do speak with us. We can advise you on every aspect and make the planning smooth and straightforward. Do contact us now and please come and spend the weekend here and experience the romance of Hillscourt for yourself.