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Celebrate at Hillscourt

Weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, whatever your celebration we have it covered!

Life events are punctuation points. We love to celebrate even if it’s to say: ‘I’m still here!’ A birthday party, wedding anniversary, christening, engagement and any other celebration you might have in mind are life-affirming occasions.


After all the years pass very quickly and it’s good to take time out and simply spend it with friends and family. Enjoying the moment is something we rarely do in our busy lives. Therefore, Hillscourt is suggesting you pencil in a special occasion with us right now.


Why? Well, Hillscourt believes that a celebration is an essential part of life and that we miss out when we fail to mark achievements, relationships and anniversaries.

‘It’s funny’ says Mr X ‘ Hillscourt has become quite a family affair for some. People come to us for their wedding reception, they return for the first anniversary and before we know it we are holding a christening. We feel really privileged that Hillscourt has become such an integral part of many families’ history in the making.’


Special Birthday Parties


At Hillscourt every birthday party is special but there are some milestones like 18, 21, 60, 90 and 100, for example, that are monumental. We have wonderful facilities to suit all ages and have so much experience to ensure your special birthday party can be a joyous occasion. You might want an outdoor reception, disco, finger buffet, quiet gathering; it’s up to you. However, Hillscourt will help you with every aspect, making us the perfect party venue.


Wedding Anniversaries


These are wonderful occasions at Hillscourt, especially when we welcome back couples whose wedding reception we hosted. It’s lovely to see people return, catch up with the news and really make their wedding anniversary a glorious celebration. It may be an intimate family gathering, a special lunch, high tea or something far more ambitious. Talk to us about whatever type of celebration you might have in mind. Our specialities are Ruby and Golden wedding anniversaries that are incredible achievements and should be celebrated by everyone.




These are some of our favourites. At Hillscourt our romantic grounds are a superb backdrop to such optimistic and frothy events; we love ‘em! It is very gratifying when an engagement party is then transformed into a wedding reception and then a christening. People say they love to return to a venue that has such a family atmosphere, is close to Birmingham but also feels like it’s a million miles away in the country.




Christenings are really wonderful. There’s plenty of space for the little ones to run around. We like to see children making good use of the grounds especially on glorious summer days. Hillscourt can help you plan every aspect of your celebration. With our wealth of experience we can arrange absolutely everything you need to make this kind of family affair an event to remember.


Why not contact us now regarding your celebration at Hillscourt? We are really looking forward to starting a family tradition with you.