Conferences Vs Technology

Conferences in Birmingham

With Skype calls and Google hang outs commonplace, meetings and group conferences are easy to set up. Never has communication been so easy. So why are conferences still necessary?

8 reasons why you should arrange a company or group conference

1. Face to face is still the preferred means of doing business. Although many companies use freelancers and remote workers getting together strengthens bonds and loyalty. Body language, facial expressions and gestures are still part of our language and can help to ‘seal the deal’.

2. Opportunities to network outside the business of the day can be incredibly fruitful. Chance conversations can evolve into future business strategy and collaboration. Getting to know people both professionally and socially can help with business relationships going forward.

3. Taking the opportunity to bond to experience training, discuss challenges and issues can mean more is solved in much less time. Everyone comes back to the office having had the same experience at the same time.

4. Socialising with colleagues and other people in your niche can lead to collaborations and different perspectives that could add value to your own business.

5. Rewarding colleagues, workers, clients and others can increase feelings of satisfaction and help with staff retention. With the cost of hiring a new member of staff coming in at £30000 the cost of a conference is bargain and may well save money in the long run. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, “employee replacement costs can be 50 to 60% of an employee’s annual salary.”

6. By organing a conference in a location such as Hillscourt delegates are self-contained and tend to eat, socialise and drink in the bar together, thus increasing networking opportunities and bonding.

7. By holding your own conference you can choose the location, agenda and time. Make sure the location is central or convenient for the majority of your staff.

8. Remember, conference costs can also be legitimate tax deductions alongside being great opportunities for Taking the necessary steps to keep current workers satisfied with their roles will be beneficial may increase loyalty, sense of worth and increased productivity.

No matter what. You cannot beat person to person contact for building lasting alliances.