Civil Ceremony Weddings in Birmingham

Civil ceremony weddings…

The choice is immense…

Once upon a time some people married outside the church door as it was their only option. Even a registry office wedding was considered a very dull affair compared to the full on meringue dress version.  But civil ceremonies are now very different.

Strapped to a plane or barefoot on the beach? 

All this has changed in the twenty first century. Now the choice has been blown wide open. From hotel to  beach, stately home, to the Palace of Westminster and even strapped to a the wings of a plane the choice is as varied as your imagination.

Innovation and imagination are key

All manner of venues have been appropriated to host civil ceremonies. Now that same sex marriages have been approved no doubt there will be even more innovative wedding ceremony locations. We look forward to compiling the Top 10 strangest places in which to get hitched.

What could a civil ceremony in a hotel be like? 

Many people though, enjoy the thought of holding a wedding in a hotel. It’s wonderful to take over the whole building. Knowing that everything will be set up for every need of both you and your guests is very special.  Imagine choosing mature gardens for your civil ceremony photo shoot. A backdrop filled with greenery, blossom and romance would be the perfect foil.  At a hotel such as Hillcourt for example, civil ceremonies can be carried out amidst the mature gardens that will provide a romantic and beautiful setting for gorgeous wedding photos. It also has the benefit of keeping everyone relaxed and feeling less formal than some locations. Hillscourt’s mantra is to keep everything understated but beautiful.

Start as you mean to go on

In addition, by holding a civil ceremony at Hillscourt no one has to hunt for an inner city parking space, worry about the meter or have to walk miles. Everything is conveniently situated with plenty of space for everyone.

A special spirit is quickly established 

Both the wedding couple and guests can choose to stay in the hotel so there is no rushing around on the big day. This has a number of benefits: first and foremost the atmosphere is far more relaxed and the party can be kept together giving everyone the chance to mingle and socialise.

Civil ceremonies were once stressful but not anymore

They were often treated as the Cinderella choice but not any more. Hillscourt have considerable experience of catering for weddings of all kinds and our only aim is to please.  Have your wedding in the country.  If you want a civil ceremony that has a country atmosphere then Hillscourt in South Birmingham near Bromsgrove, can accommodate and allow you to begin married life in a peaceful and secluded venue.  Hillscourt has everything.

Renewing your vows?

Perhaps you are thinking of renewing your vows. In this beautiful ceremony you can pledge your love and bonds once more in front of up to 85 people. The evening reception can also host 200.

So why not talk to us and pay a visit to our stylish function rooms, stroll through the grounds and plan your civil ceremony soon.

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