Things to do in Birmingham

Places to Visit in Birmingham

Hillscourt Hotel Birmingham brings you some ideas and great places to visit in Birmingham.

Birmingham, the city where a huge transformation has occurred in recent years and it now rivals many cities as a destination for business, shopping and leisure.

The great thing about the UK’s second city is the countryside is also stunning

As a centre for an action-packed holidays, high-powered conferences and innovative designs you can find no better. Therefore it is worth prolonging a business trip to take advantage of everything Birmingham and its surroundings has to offer. It’s also a great idea to consider a break where you can combine culture, shopping, sightseeing and exploration. We are certain that Birmingham can offer all things to all people.

If you are planning a hotel stay, for whatever reason, plan it well

Whether you are a guest at a wedding, a conference, a tourist or someone in need of a break it is always worth spending some time looking at relaxing accommodation. This decision will mean some pampering after a hard day’s shopping, networking or hiking.

The easiest thing in the world is to go for the first reasonable hotel deal

That is especially true if it is one that has Birmingham value hotel as a search term. At Hillscourt we believe that choosing a hotel in Birmingham has to be much more. The large chains are fantastic but we like to offer something a little more bespoke. Our aim is to offer you an oasis of calm amidst the hurly burly of urban living.  Located in South Birmingham, which is known as a leafy environment, we are close to the quaint town of Bromsgrove. Literally it is a hop, skip and a jump from the M42 Junction 1 or the Junction 4 on the M5.

Our accommodation is warm and cosy

It certainly offers an affordable alternative to the homogeneity found elsewhere. Great prices and value options set us apart form the rest and we like our guests to feel at home. Generous portions are what we are famous for providing. You can always walk those off on the Lickey Hills.

Lickey Hills Review which are literally next door. Here you will find breath-taking views all around the area and should burn off enough calories to enjoy afternoon tea upon your return.

Don’t fight for a parking space

Don’t pay for a wi-fi connection, don’t put up with an anonymous atmosphere. Our aim is to offer every facility you might need so that you can rest, relax and sleep easy. You can check out our contemporary but cosy rooms right here.

Welcome to Birmingham and welcome to Hillscourt.