Birmingham: A Great Place To Hold A Conference

Birmingham is a Great Place to Hold a Conference

Cultural and Convenient

The cultural city of Birmingham is the ideal place to hold a wide range of conferences, whether they are large multi-day events bringing together hundreds of people from various parts of the world to a small gathering of great minds, looking for a space to create something special for your business or project.

But what is it that makes Birmingham a great place to hold a conference? Why is it such an excellent choice? One key point to consider is of course location; situated in the Midlands and serviced by air, road and train. Birmingham is easy to get to from a wide range of areas including those who are travelling from overseas.

City and Nearby Rural Delights

There is also a very wide range of accommodation to consider, spread around the area from the heart of the city to the more rural delights that surround it.

During the off duty hours for those attending your conference Birmingham also boasts lots to see and do. Retail therapy that cannot be rivalled, plenty of theatre and musical productions to visit, museums and galleries as well as a wide range of delicious and award winning restaurants too.

Some of the highlights that Birmingham has to offer include:

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar & Grill

Shopping at the Mailbox and Bullring

Cadbury World

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Sea Life Centre

Warwick Castle

Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

All of these attractions and entertainment offer something different for everyone who comes to the area and keep even the most hardened of traveller entertained during their stop off in the city.

Plenty of Choice

When it comes to booking a venue itself there are plenty of choices to be made in the area, both city based and in the surrounding areas too.

There are modern and chic venues, bringing design and innovative functionality together. There are also a range of hotels that also offer a place to stay as well as the facilities required for a conference.

Rural or City Venue?

As well as this there are some unique choices too, offering something a little bit different; whether that is a fantastic view of the countryside, a grand arena for your conference or just something that is full of character and charm. There really is something to suit everyone here.

Remember, when looking for a venue, it is important to explore all areas. From the hustle and the bustle of the city streets putting you in the centre of all the action; to hosting an event outside the city walls and allowing the attendees to escape from the rush of modern life, if just for a few days.

Easy to access, plenty to do and lots of choices; there really isn’t a better choice then Birmingham when it comes to hosting an event.

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