A Guide to Planning your Next Conference

Conference planning guide

Planning a conference or event is exciting, challenging, stressful and sometimes complicated. But it can depend on where you choose to site your conference, and whether your conference provider is highly experienced in dealing with such an event. It certainly pays to research carefully before you publish the date.

Do your research

Whatever needs to be planned, conferences are certainly very good for business. People still enjoy meeting face to face even though they can communicate regularly by other means.

Nothing beats face to face

There’s something about spending a significant amount of time with colleagues, clients or other people in your niche. Watching people relax and open up about themselves can really underline how suitable a person can be to do business with. Networking will always be a beneficial way to gather leads and understand your market, your employees and clients.

Unique opportunities

At a conference there are all kinds of opportunities to find out much more about people. The right conference venue can have a wide variety of breakout areas to promote informal discussions. It might provide a bar with a talking point. Some even like to offer a number of guest ales and whiskies. Both of these help oil the wheels of discussion.

Get away from it all

Spending time away from familiar surroundings can also prompt creativity. If you can find a conference venue that’s quite rural but also part of a convenient and easy transport network that’s really useful. It’s an opportunity to get away from it all while still being quite close to urban centres.

Venue size

The decision to go for a medium-sized conference venue is ideal. Pick something with sufficient space for 150 delegates that has a variety of accommodation. Committee rooms, seminar rooms and a conference hall should mean a gathering is lively and varied but highly manageable.

Beautiful outside as well as inside

By choosing a conference centre with plenty of mature grounds, free parking on the grounds, free wi-fi and over 50 en suite rooms, you can ensure your next conference is a success. All it needs is a cracking title, some quality guest speakers and it’s bound to be attractive.

Give it a cracking title!

People enjoy new ideas. They enjoy the opportunity to think outside the box and look beyond the everyday. Great food, a well-stocked bar, places to stroll and discuss, all modern equipment for contemporary lectures all make Hillscourt a really stunning conference venue.

Hold your next conference at Hillscourt. We’d love to advise you. Do talk to our conference organiser right now.

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