Essential Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Hillscourt Top Wedding Tips!

A wedding should be a happy life occasion wherever it takes place. But if you want a great wedding then it’s a very good idea to hold it in an experienced venue.

Why should that matter?

As we experience life we begin to have knowledge that helps us with forward planning. If you’ve catered for a hundred weddings you get to know how much people eat on average. You know what the like to drink. You understand the timings, how to be flexible, how to deal with the unexpected.


Hillscourt’s Top Tips to have a great wedding

Hillscourt has been hosting great weddings for years and we have put together our top tips to ensure a great wedding wherever you choose to hold it.

1. This is the bride and groom’s special day and it can be hectic. It’s unlikely you will have time to talk to all your guests. We have seen some thoughtful touches where the bride and groom have left personal messages to friends and families alongside their place names. Something sincere, welcoming and appreciative will become a treasured keepsake.

2. Have you thought of making your wedding programme dual purpose? It can hold confetti, a hanky for the more emotional guests or even double up as a fan in warm weather. Also making guests feel special is a lovely touch we have found.

3. If it’s a wedding filled with children you might want to think about an entertainer to give the adults an opportunity to have a little relaxation.

4. Hiring an ice cream van can be fun and a nice way to get everyone on their feet towards the end of the reception. There are some fantastic artisan ice cream businesses who would be happy to come to Hillscourt for your guests.

5. A great wedding is one where all the different age groups are catered for. Older relatives will appreciate a place to sit and rest when the photographs are being taken for example.

6. Hire a real professional DJ that understand just what gets people on the dance floor. Don’t be too strict about music choices.

7. Choose your menu according to the season and have a back up plan if the weather is incredibly hot or cold. Ask your venue if they might be flexible about this.

8. It’s a good idea too when choosing venues to see if there are plenty of potential settings for your photographs and whether all your guests will fit happily at a wedding breakfast or evening reception.


At Hillscourt we can certainly use all our experience to advise you on the best way to organize a great wedding. We are always available to show the happy couple around in advance so you can check out all our facilities and extensive grounds. In fact, if you don’t believe us you can check out some of the testimonials from those who have already started off their married life at Hillscourt. They felt a great wedding was had by all. Do chat with our friendly staff and start planning your wedding with us today.

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