Planning Your Wedding in 2014

Your Wedding Plans 2014

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There are wedding plans in the air!

That long running radio soap opera, The Archers, is planning a big event in April, which is a very popular month for matrimony. If a Spring wedding in 2014 is also on your mind, then there are just a few precious weeks left in which to plan it.

Organising such a life event can be daunting, of course. From choosing a wedding reception, where to have the ceremony, to flowers, wedding breakfasts, rings and the dress itself; it’s a triumph of organisation and stress management.

The important thing is to be happy. Choosing the venue for the ceremony and then the reception will set the tone for your wedding. The reception venue will offer the backdrop for stunning photos and maybe even a video. So, you need to ensure it is somewhere that makes you both feel comfortable and relaxed.

Some couples are looking for grandeur in the Downton Abbey vein. Others are looking for quaintness, comfort, or somewhere local, that is part of their community. Whatever you choose every venue has something very special to offer and you should look around.

Fixing a date is the most important step. Although the big decision to marry is the really big one! Deciding on a church wedding or civil ceremony is the next and then finding what dates are available for your choice of venue will dictate many things. Regarding your plans

Before deciding on a wedding venue consider the guest list. Be prepared for this to take some time. Write down absolutely everyone and then work through the list and make some tough decisions. Remember this discussion will not be easy. It is worth thinking about guests who might have specific needs regarding access for example or dietary concerns.

Wedding venues are always very accommodating. You should make use of their vast experience when planning your wedding. They have seen the triumphs and disasters, the unexpected and the orchestrated and so have plenty of advice to offer. Therefore do talk through your desires and concerns with their events manager who will always be very pleased to help.

Consider the theme or colour once you have decided on a venue for both the ceremony and the reception. Then book your venues and create a deposit or payment schedule. At this point it is worth looking at menus and choosing what kind of reception arrangements would suit your personalities and budget. Ask advice about what has worked well in the past.

Bridesmaids, best man, maid of honour, ushers. These all need your consideration immediately. They need to check their diaries and the more time they have the more likely they are to be available for you.

Consider booking a videographer, photographer, florist, cake maker/decorator band or DJ and invitations. There is much relief when these mainstays are ticked off the list.

These are the basic plans that should be made at the very outset. Don’t think this is it though. There are 101 other things like veils, rings, headdresses, shoes, hairdressers, manicures, honeymoons and plenty of other things to keep you occupied.

We advise that you make a timeline outlining the time available to you and plot when things should be done by. The closer the date is the more frenetic the planning will become. Good luck.