Wedding Anniversary Celebrations at Hillscourt

Celebrate your wedding anniversary at Hillscourt

Arrange a special day to mark a special wedding anniversary.

A successful marriage is an institution to celebrate. In a world where the pace of change, expectation and opportunity are frenetic a successful marriage is something to cherish.  With divorce rates high then partners who remain together happily should tell the world they have something special.

Every year of marriage is a special journey.

To acknowledge the hard work and love there are traditional celebrations for landmark years. These should not pass without a pause to give thanks.; thanks for love, support, loyalty and commitment.

The traditional symbols for each wedding landmark are:

The 1st wedding anniversary is ‘Paper’

The 5th wedding anniversary is ‘Wood’

The 10th is ‘Tin or Aluminium’

The 15th is ‘Crystal’

20th is ‘China’

25th is ‘Silver’

30th is Pearl

35th is Coral

40th is Ruby

45th is Sapphire

50th is Gold

Your wedding anniversary can be beautiful

This gives plenty of inspiration for themes, colours, gifts and other special decorations to make a wedding anniversary celebration very special. Some couples choose to renew their vows while others take the opportunity to plan a special holiday abroad or a return to their original honeymoon destination.

However, should you wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary with all your family and friends and really make a community occasion then the right venue is essential.

Why should the newlyweds have all the fun of a big event?

A venue like Hillscourt for a wedding anniversary celebration has sufficient accommodation. We have 55 stylishly furnished rooms to accommodate everyone. There are four family rooms, 12 double bedrooms and 36 single bedrooms as well as adaptations for those guests who have specific needs. These rooms include breakfast. What better than to have a leisurely breakfast as a group the following morning after a fabulous wedding anniversary celebration?

You will fall in love with Hillscourt when you visit.

In addition we have more than a century’s experience of catering for weddings, wedding anniversary celebrations. Whatever your needs, ideas or requests our experienced team can advise and ensure your big day runs without a hitch. We know you will love Hillscourt when you visit. With plenty of space both indoors and out we have the right blend of facilities and intimacy to cater for each family occasion.

Hillscourt is just outside Bromsgrove, in the southern border of Birmingham. It is very easily accessible by a range of transport types. Hillscourt is just a hop and a skip from the M42 Junction 1 [exit at the Forest public House] and the M5 Junction 4 [head for Bromsgrove].

Why not watch our video to see just how lovely Hillscourt is as a setting for your wedding anniversary celebration. We look forward to making your anniversary as wonderful as your original wedding celebration was, however long ago that might be.