Team Building Events in Birmingham

Exciting team building ideas & the perfect venue!

Do you need an interesting birthday event? Or do you fancy gathering a group of friends together to celebrate an occasion in a different style? Why do we ask? Hillscourt has some exciting ideas up our sleeves!

If you go into the grounds today!

You may well wonder what the bears get up to when they go into the woods? We’ll, start wondering what might happen in the grounds of Hillscourt! We’ve been playing host to some exciting activities including Laser Clay pigeon shooting, archery, human table football, giant Jenga to name just a few options.

Memories are made of laughter and fun.

Watching colleagues make fun of themselves in Hillscourt’s gorgeous grounds or being involved in the serious business of Jenga construction will mean more than a quick social media update. It will be something to talk about for years to come. It will also provide a whole host of embarrassing photo opportunities!

One foot in the country, the other in the town

The great thing about Hillscourt is that we offer a taste of the countryside even though we are so close to Birmingham. We like to think we straddle town and country in our own variation of Twister. 

What to buy for the football fan in your life?

Hillscourt is lucky enough to have extensive and mature grounds laid out over a century ago that play host to all kinds of crazy events. Think of the football fan in your life. How would they love human table football for a birthday surprise, whatever their age? In fact the more birthdays people celebrate the more likely they are to want to do something crazy and memorable.

Hillscourt offers the ultimate in team working.

So what can you expect if you book a human table football event at Hillscourt? You will find yourself on an inflatable Human Table Football pitch – yes really. You will find yourself hooked up to an aluminium bar as in the ‘real thing’. That means when your teammate goes right you have to follow suit. This is the ultimate team working experience. It could be just the team building exercise families could benefit from too. We have offered a slot to the Brazilian national squad before the next world cup, but we are yet to hear!

You can expect five a side to take on a whole new meaning at Hillscourt! If you need it you can also have a referee complete with yellow and red cards to ensure fair play. Think of the fun and it may well even prompt a brand new league.

So if you have an important event to plan this year why not take advantage of the great autumn days we have and come out to play! Everyone will benefit from being active. We can also organise all the catering. In addition, there are plenty of places for older family members to sit and watch the action while enjoying the calm and beauty of Hillscourt’s extensive grounds. If you want to make it a weekend away you can even stay the night and sample our incredible range of whiskies and real ales. Come on, what are you waiting for? It could be a 7-1 thrashing! Team building events offer long lasting benefits.

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