Summer Breaks in Worcestershire

Hotel breaks 

Many people are away on holiday and if the UK is lucky enough to have a spell of fine weather the city streets can feel uncomfortable and sticky. So, is there a solution for the ‘Summertime Blues.’? You bet!

Clear the decks and shoot the breeze with a midweek summer break!

Actually the solution is quite simple: a midweek or short break.  A change of routine, not having to think about food shopping, housework and chores can be just the change of scene our minds need at this time of year. After all the next bank holiday is weeks away.

City or country? Why not have both?

In an ideal world it’s a great idea to find a place to stay that is close to the city but with one foot in the rural idyll. Summer breaks in Worcestershire can be easily mixed with Theatre or eating AL Fresco in an up and coming city such as Birmingham. This is especially true if you know that within twenty five minutes you can be relaxing in the cool of the country or yomping up the Lickey Hills..

Make friends with the Bull

Pitching up just outside Birmingham can really give you the best of both worlds: early morning walks in tranquil grounds surrounded by fabulous scenery, maybe a hike after breakfast into the hills. A lunch in a country pub will gird the loins for a late afternoon city, shopping spree. This can be followed by an evening catching a show, concert or just soaking up the sounds of the city.

You don’t have to go abroad to have a complete break from routine.

Midweek summer breaks in Worcestershire may be just what the doctor ordered. Check out Hillscourt for example. It is well used to providing hearty country breakfasts to all manner of visitors that use it as a convenient base from which to head back into town or explore the countryside.

Whiskey, walks and a warm welcome

A weekend spent away from responsibilities, household chores and associated tasks that pile up over the week can really make a difference to one’s state of mind. Added to that, you might even have the opportunity to sample the wide range of whiskies Hillscourt maintains, which may well set the night alight!

Facebook Revenge Time

So if you are feeling envious of the Facebook pics from friends abroad why not set out on your own sojourn to Hillscourt. You don’t need to mention their summer rates are really special for a Midweek Summer break . You’ll be able to fill your timeline with pics of  ‘me with the Birmingham’s bull’; me in one of the wide range of eateries’; ‘me trying on clothes  in every single one of Birmingham’s retail outlets’ then ‘me sipping champagne in Hillscourt’s grounds.’ ‘Hey, guys, just a quick break from routine, don’t you wish you were here?’

If this appeals why not see what our visitors have to say about Hillscourt

Then come and make up your own mind. If you can’t decide whether summer in the city or an escape to the country is best, then Hillscourt can offer a great compromise. Click here to begin your getaway.