Romantic Wedding Photos

Romantic Weddings at Hillscourt

Hillscourt is the ideal venue for romantic wedding pictures

Wedding photography has a long history. Hillscourt has been delving into the archives to investigate. We were astonished to find weddings were being photographed as early as 1840. That’s almost 180 years! Mind you, how things have changed.

From studio to photojournalism wedding photography has come a long way

If you are lucky enough to have family album heirlooms you will see wedding photographs were very different to our contemporary expectations. At Hillscourt we know just how important a romantic backdrop is for the ultimate wedding photograph. This is in complete contrast to those early pioneering photographers who were not even undertaking wedding photography as a commercial venture.

Imagine saying ‘cheese’ for minutes at a time! 

The idea was to produce one photograph, shot in a studio as a memento of this significant life event. Nowadays every guest can snap away, almost without intrusion, as cameras are so small. Back in the day, photographic equipment was enormous and cumbersome. Photos were produced on small copper sheets and portraits were inevitably stilted and extremely formal. Shutter speeds were so slow, poses had to be held for minutes at a time. In the very early days models were strapped into frames to prevent them from moving!

Hillscourt’s grounds are almost as well established as the practice of photography itself. 

Luckily all has changed. Hillscourt has seen some stunning wedding portraits taken whatever the time of year. Our grounds are almost as well established as the practice of photography itself. Couples have remarked on how pretty Hillscourt can be no matter what the season. Hillscourt really is the perfect setting for romantic wedding photos.

With the sculptural shapes in winter, changing leaves in autumn, spring blossom and the profusion of summer flowers Hillscourt has everything. Professional photographers have said how the gardens offer endless possibilities for naturalistic shots that really accentuate the moment. A talented wedding photographer will know just how to work a background to produce pictures that will be treasured forever. Consider, your photographs may be around in another 200 years!

Wedding fashions come and go and so do wedding photography styles but Hillscourt remains.

Celebrity magazines have offered endless inspiration for couples. Nowadays wedding photography can be subtle, informal, journalistic, romantic while offering a complete record of the whole day. Photographers love to document how the day unfolds Friends and family can construct their own narrative too. These informal shots can act as an off the record view while the bride and groom are involved in the official business.

Wedding photography at Hillscourt is history in the making.

At Hillscourt we know every wedding couple wants to have a very special day with photos to match. We work hard at Hillscourt to make every wedding a memorable occasion and we know the whole venue, both inside and out lends itself to some gorgeous pictures. When Hillscourt was established wedding photographers could never have even imagined what possibilities digital photography might bring. We are glad that our grounds have slowly matured to produce some of the loveliest natural backdrops to many beautiful wedding days.

We look forward to showing you and your wedding photographer around to discuss the possibilities of wedding photography at Hillscourt, Birmingham.