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    Hillscourt is the perfect place for your meet-ups

Special Interest Groups

Let passions proliferate on a weekend away!

Group and society meet-ups are flourishing at Hillscourt

We feel quite transformed when we leave routine behind and book a weekend away. A change of scene can make all the difference to even the most jaded spirit. Some free time can help us relax, re-prioritise and give us some welcome ‘me’ time.

Another phenomenon gaining traction are special interest groups that are flourishing up and down the country. We don’t know whether it’s the Internet that has prompted this upsurge in community spirit but something is afoot!

Let’s face it, no matter what your interests and hobbies there are people around who share it. You only have to take a look at Pinterest to see the number of people who follow Downton Abbey or have a passion for Portmeirion china or Dr Who. What you once thought of as possibly quirky is actually quite common.

This interest in things and skills has spread into the real world. People really seem to appreciate the value of meeting up with kindred spirits. When you combine that with a special weekend away much fun is had by all. Whether your passion is photography, music, sewing, cars, paperweights or open spaces; there are groups and societies to accommodate you.

In fact there has been an incredible upsurge in individuals who have decided short weekend breaks can actually be more beneficial that saving for an annual holiday. A change is as good as a rest is a favourite adage and at Hillscourt we have seen that in practice.

What better than to down tools on a Friday night and leave all the cares and woes behind for a couple of days. Forget the lawn mowing and the laundry; forget the trip to Tesco or cleaning out cupboards; weekends are where passions proliferate!

Consider escaping into a rural retreat that is deceptively close to the heart of Birmingham. Surround yourself with greenery and calm, knowing that someone else will be organising meals and looking after you for a change. That’s exactly what all the following groups did and took advantage of Hillscourt’s very special weekend rates:

Recent Special Interest Group Meet – Ups at Hillscourt

Wide Variety is Our Middle Name

As you can see we cater for a wide variety of tastes. So imagine devoting yourself to your hobby or interest surrounded by like-minded people who are just as enthusiastic about the subject as you are. You can chat, swap tips and ideas, practice and plan. We also have extensive grounds to relax in, a well stocked bar which hosts two guest ales and you can dine in our beautiful facilities.

Our Rates

One Day  – £80 – £110

Full Weekend – At just £180 inclusive from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon we include bed, breakfast, lunch and and evening meal.

Overnight stays for up to 60 people. 

Hillscourt can offer you the break you deserve close to the city but in the heart of the country. 5 minutes from the M42 and M5. Total convenience no matter where you’re travelling from. We look forward to welcoming you and and your group members to Hillscourt.

See you soon.