Choosing a Wedding Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue!

Are you planning your big day?

When it comes to planning your big day one of the first challenges that you will be faced with is choosing a wedding venue that you know both yourself and your fiancée will fall in love with.

Fall in love with the venue

Are you dreaming of a traditional country house, set within lavish surroundings with pretty landscapes that would perfectly suit your vintage wedding theme or  are you looking for a super cool city wedding venue that fits with their weddings contemporary theme?

Whatever the theme behind your big day, why not leave all the stress behind, as we help you to go about and find the perfect setting for your big day. Here are a number of tips that will help you to secure your dream wedding venue:

 Where have you decided to get married?

Maybe there is a place that you both hold dearly in your hearts, or somewhere that has a great location, and easily accessible for both sides of the family. Or maybe you might even want to head overseas to a foreign land in order to declare your vowels.

What about the breakfast party, reception and even accommodation, are you thinking about having everything all under one roof?

You will find the many couples choose to have their wedding party, and reception at different locations, whilst others prefer to minimize the transit time by keep everything in once place for convenience.

Don’t underestimate convenience [less to worry about!]

If it is convenience that you are after, then there are a number of licensed hotels or wedding venues with accommodation that will be able to offer you the perfect solution. Because once your wedding reception is over guests can either make their way home or to the hotel, where they can continue to enjoy the bar, but not at your expense.

How many wedding guests?

The size of the venue is dependent on how many guests you would like to invite to your wedding!

It’s never too early to start jotting down a few names, this will help you to prepare your wedding invitation list. Once you have a rough idea of how many people you will be inviting to your wedding as guests you will know what size venue to hire.

After all there is no point in booking a venue that only take 100 guests, when you have 150, imagine the chaos on the day. You might also want to check the venues facilities such as parking, as this will also be an important factor when considering your guests. You must also remember that some city centre venues may not be able to provide parking, which means that you should also check out the venues public parking availability.

Check wedding venue availability, and don’t forget Fridays and Sundays too

What time of the year do you want to get married, and does the venue have availability?

I am sure that you can imagine that venues get booked up quite quickly, especially during peak seasons such as summer, so if you do want to secure your must have venue, then it would be worth having a few potential wedding dates that you can be flexible with as well as giving them advance notice, in order to secure the venue of your dreams.

Good luck planning your wedding

I hope that you find our advice useful, as we have addressed all of the main points that you should be considering when trying to secure an ideal wedding venue, for your big day!

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