Birmingham Awaydays

Awayday in Birmingham

Look at that title. What do you imagine immediately?

• ‘I need a break!’

• ‘An awayday takes me back to an old Biritsh rail advert.’

• ‘Awaydays conjure up the idea of fun and relaxation’

What if we were to tell you that an awayday might also mean:

• Doing something different from the norm spending time in another environment, thinking creatively

• Undertaking a little problem solving

• Having fun, walking in beautiful grounds and being looked after

What would you think then?

‘Sign me up, I need an awayday right now!’

It’s obvious that a change is as good as a rest. A day taken away from routine rewires the brain. Even a walk can solve a problem when the mind is allowed to think its own thoughts without being disturbed by endless disruptions.

At Hillscourt we have watched the impact of an awayday on people many times. Groups arrive for conferences stressed and tense only to leave a couple of days later looking relaxed and smiling. Companies return knowing that stepping away from the office on another outlook builds teams, finds answers and pays dividends far in excess of time taken out, or money spent.

At Hillscourt we have discovered an awayday can transform problems into solutions:

• Teams are strengthened by being taken yomping in the Lickey Hills then relaxing over a meal.

• A change of scene often prompts new resolutions to difficult issues when in a conducive thinking environment.

• Perhaps continued professional training would be welcomed more readily away from the usual office space and urban rush and tear. When delegates walk the grounds they are reminded an awayday is about their professional growth too.

We’ll let you into a secret: Hillscourt is also a specialist at catering for a whole range of awaydays. We’ve hosted corporate clay pigeon shooting which started the day off with a bang. We’ve offered hospitality to in service training days, club and committee meetings and also high-powered management strategy conferences.

These all take place in mature grounds where people wander, a large patio area for a buffet lunch as required and the bar that serves a much lauded selection of whiskies and real ales.

Whatever you have in mind for an awayday we can accommodate your needs. Hillscourt has a conference hall, seminar, committee and even a garden room to make your meet up or awayday very special.

The great part of being away from routine is people speak more freely, are more energized and feel much more open to ideas outside of their normal comfort zone.

Imagine one of our packages where all you have to do is prepare the materials and leave absolutely everything else to us.

Bring the whole team or bring a group for an awayday to remember. Stay the day, stay overnight or spend the weekend. Just let us have your requests and leave the rest to the experienced team at Hillscourt. We look forward to looking after you. So plan an away day right now.