Visit Longbridge as part of a road trip

Some people may not know Longbridge was once a huge centre for car production. Certainly many thought the heart would be ripped from Longbridge. That may have been the case a long time ago, but just see about Longbridge now. Its heart has been transplanted! Now it really is an amazing place to visit, to shop, to be entertained and to relax.

Longbridge has risen from the ashes and has so much to offer. Being positioned close to great countryside, traditional pubs, villages, towns and open spaces it has a little of everything.

A little of what you fancy

If a little retail therapy away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham’s crowds appeals then Longbridge has a stunning M&S opening in Autumn 2015, fresh out of the box. A massive Sainsburys will allow you to shop until you drop. Clothes, food, home wares, something new, whatever you fancy; it’s all here.

All together Longbridge offers a very different experience. If you fancy a short break or a weekend away from the chores and the everyday environment Longbridge is an attractive destination. You can stay and play and divide your time between the cinema, a little hiking, some shopping, a little mooch around and one or two tasty snacks, meals, coffees and cocktails. Longbridge is a world of its own.

You may not realise that Longbridge now boasts a 3 acre urban park

When you’ve done that circuit you could yomp over the Lickey Hills or visit the nursery at Cofton Park. Certainly you can construct an itinerary that suits your interests, mood, agility and energy. If you really want to balance the squeaky clean fresh paint smell worth a touch or rural tradition and charm why not stay at Hillscourt Hotel. This is located just 5 minutes from Longbridge. You can have one foot in the future and the other in the comfort of the past. Built in 1897 it was a Victorian house set in beautiful grounds that cover 25 acres. You can certainly lose yourself in the gardens and pretend the twenty first century has not arrived. Many of the original features have survived but that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to the very best example of contemporary hospitality.

Flop down and relax at Hillscourt near Longbridge

Certainly, if you’re yomping around Longbridge shops and park have left you shattered then a cosy bar with guest ales and a comfy bed to flop into awaits. Of course the highlight is the beautiful cooked breakfast that will greet you the following morning. Set right close to the undulating countryside and the Lickey Hills, Hillscourt will let you get the very best from a trip to Longbridge. There’s easy access and very convenient free parking too!

If you’d like to organise a group expedition to see the new development, do some shopping, watch a film then relax as a group, at Hillscourt do contact our friendly staff.  Hillscourt loves Longbridge’s regeneration and also love to welcome visitors from across the country or around the world.